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Fleetman brings you better control and peace of mind thanks to smarter organisation of your fleet documents and actions. Dive into the detail of its functionalities below or watch our demo videos.

Document Management

Store and manage all the reated data and documents in one place.

Search and filter vehicles by various attributes and states.

Autofill data in forms and documents across the whole system.

Link relevant documents, drivers or accessories.
Create and manage activities directly from relevant records.

View the documents in Fleetman, Teams, SharePoint or Windows Explorer.


Service checks based on mileage or elapsed time​

Insurance or lease contract expiring​.

Receive and execute in MS Teams, Outlook

Manage recipient lists or channels

Highway toll coupons evidence and expiration notifications

Service and Insured Event

Graphic visualisation of service or insured event process​

Automated vehicle status change ​

Various service job categories​

Link to insured events and related documents

Insurance contract data linked and autofilled​

Vehicle, driver and insurance contract data in one system, just a click away ​

Link to service provider and service cost evidence​

Vehicle Inspections, Follow-up Activities

Vehicle inspection and damage records

Internal jobs and activities based on inspection findings

Job packages

Job and activity assignment

Vehicle Statistics

Fueling data​

Average consumption​

Average cost per km​

Average fuel cost​

Total cost

Automated cost calculations​

Service cost divided into categories​

Limit excess notifications​

Interactive Dashboards

Operational data on vehicles status, service activities, costs, insurance claims etc. ​

Intuitive filtering​

Dashboard customization​

Exports to various formats (.xls, .csv)​

Power BI integration available​

Mobile Client

Full-fledged mobile app ​

Simplified forms for record input​

Instant visualisation of events, activities, contracts etc. ​

Vehicle search

Microsoft Apps Integration

Communicate directly in Teams or Outlook; integrated contact lists

Link email conversation to respective service or insured event​

Create service tasks, insured events, contacts or entities directly from Outlook application​

Visualise emails, meetings and calls within task timeline​

Data exports to Excel

Native use of Word templates and text documents

Integration to Power BI

Demo videos

Document management

Search for vehicle entry, use of templates & structured document storage.

Notifications and service event

Notification & subsequent actions like service or insured event creation, history of activities and task planning.

Contract, insured event & process flow

Contract management, insurance agenda and its visualization on the graphical process flow.

Dashboards and visualizations

Visualization of operational data in graphic dashboards and interactive filtering.

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